Friday, October 31, 2008

Apple Cheeked Ami Bunnies, A Blythe Sale, MOO, and Let' Go Make History

Hello friends!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! I imagine most of you are gearing up for the big night. So what manner of costume will you be roaming this ghoulishly dark night in?

As for my costume, I'm going as The Boring Crafty Girl Huddled in Her Room When She Should Really Be Socializing With Others. It's the same one I wore last year.

So here's what I've been up to:

I've finally finished this trio of Apple Cheeked Ami Bunnies.

Here they are wearing the other side of their reversible dresses

And a view of their fluffy pompom tails.

To those who may be interested, these three little bunnies will be listed in my shop this Sunday.

In other Etsy news, I would like to empty out my shop before it closes for the holidays. Therefore, I'm having a special on all Blythe dresses. They are now all 10% off and they'll still come with all these lovely freebies. Please take a peek! Perhaps you'll see something you like :)

Oh, I just received some very happy mail! My MOO MiniCards finally arrived all the way from England and I absolutely love how they came out. I'll be using these as promo cards for my shop. I must thank my fellow blogger, Berrysprite, for giving me the heads up on MOO -- Thank you, Berrysprite!:)

Now on a more serious note . . .

Lately, I've been glued to the news channels, watching poll after poll and listening to pundit after pundit. Tuesday is a big day for my country -- Election Day. They say that this election will be the most important in my lifetime. I'm thrilled at the opportunity to play even the most minute part in history. I'm dying for my voice to be heard. My fellow Americans, make sure your voices are heard, too.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Some Etsy Shop News: A Couple More Cupcakes and Some Freebies

First of all, I want to thank everyone who purchased items from my shop. I appreciate it so much!

My Happy Swirly Cupcakes sold out fairly quickly and I've had some inquiries about when I will churn out more. Well, I've done just that. :) Here's three more, including my very first chocolate cupcake. I'll be listing them in my shop on Thursday if anyone is interested.

Here's a view of the cupcake tops.

I think these will be the last cupcakes for awhile. I'm going to turn my attention to some amigurumi bunnies now.

I enjoy giving freebies as much as I enjoy getting them, so here's two freebies going on in my shop at the moment:

1. If you purchase any Blythe item, you'll get a pair of these super cute candy barrettes. They are 3/4 in. long, the perfect size for your Blythe. I'll choose a color for you at random.

2. If you purchase any two items in my shop you'll get an official Sanrio Hello Kitty Hawaii keychain and large sticker. I'll randomly choose these for you, too.

And yes, if you buy two Blythe dresses you will get two pairs of candy barettes and the keychain and sticker altogether! :)

Well, that's all the news for now. My crafting room calls . . .

Talk to you all soon!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Quick Break from Crafting Madness

During my ongoing crafting blitz, I have moments where I must put the crochet hook down and take a breather. That's when I go outside and enjoy the sunshine with some friends of mine.

I don't know where they came from. One day they were just there in my garage -- stray cats. That was months ago. I have been feeding them ever since. I enjoy just sitting down, sipping a soda, and watching their silliness. Have you ever seen a cat stalk a gecko? If not, you really must. Oh, and don't worry -- the gecko got away.

Anyway, let me introduce you.

Please meet Gray Tabby.

This is The Lazy One.

And this is Ninja Kitty.

Last, but not least this ornery old cat is Up Ear/ Down Ear.

I am wonderfully original with names, aren't I?

I will probably name my first child Wrinkly Pink Wiggly Thing.

So what creatures wander around your home?

Monday, October 6, 2008

No More Sad, Empty Etsy Shop: BIG Update!

Aloha friends!

I have finally decided to dust the cobwebs off of my woefully neglected Etsy shop. These past few weeks I have been working diligently on Blythe dresses and softies galore to fill up its empty shelves.

I went to town and whipped up more of my apron dresses. I rummaged through my fabric stash and picked out a variety of sweet prints from kawaii animals to florals. Here's a peek:

1. Kawaii Flowers
2. Kawaii Owls

3. Circus Elephants
4. Happy Strawberries

5. Cottage in the Woods
6. Musical Pigs

7. Retro Daisies (I adore this one because it is made from vintage 70's fabric that's sprinkled with fuzzy flocked daisies)
8. Aloha!

9. Petites Fleurs

I also made some Aloha Dresses in great retro and modern prints:

1. Pink and Orange Retro Floral
2. Green and Pink Retro Floral

3. Purple and Blue Retro Floral

4. Aloha!
5. Surfer Girl

And now for the softies!

Here's a trio of Thoughtful Little Owls.

I am delighted to introduce the Happy Swirly Cupcakes! I've been working on a new cupcake design that was yummier than my original and I really like how it came out. They aren't just sweet to look at, either. They're functional, too! Each Happy Swirly Cupcake will come with a removal plastic pick, which can hold amorous messages, reminder notes, and even photographs.

Here's a shot of the cupcake tops.

Continuing with the theme of sugary sweetness, do you remember my Blythe Nutty Sundae Berets? Here's a photograph to refresh your memory just in case:

Anyway, for awhile now I've toyed around with the idea of creating an Etsy listing, where you could custom design your own Nutty Sundae Beret. Well, I am thrilled to say that I've finally done it!

Although the hot fudge sauce, nuts, and whipped cream will remain the same, you will be able to choose from the nine delicious ice cream "flavors" above.

You will also be able to choose between two colors of cherries to top off your sundae with --pink or red!

I do hope you all like what I made as much as I loved making them. If there is something you are interested in, please stop by my Etsy shop this Friday when I will list them.

Thanks again to all of you for dropping by!