Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Fresh Start

Let me begin by wishing everyone a belated Happy New Year! :) Have you all made any resolutions for 2012? Have you been sticking to them? Well, I'm happy to report that by writing this post I am sticking to one of mine: I resolved to start crafting and blogging again. I took a much longer break from my hobbies than I expected . . . I had no idea how time consuming and all encompassing having a baby would be! And if that wasn't enough I'm also in the process of buying and moving into a new home. It's precisely during chaotic times like these that I feel the need for a creative outlet.

Thankfully, my son is turning one next month (how time flies!) and he's gotten a bit less clingy and needy, which allows me some much needed crafting time. Now it's not nearly as much time as I would like, but even an hour or two a week is enough to scratch my creative itch.

Back to my staple mohair bunnies and bears! You have no idea how terrified I was when I picked up my crochet needle and started working. I was convinced I had forgotten how to make them! However, after a few glitches (how the heck do you decrease again?!) it all slowly came back to me.

I really wanted to sew up some apron dresses for the gals above. Unfortunately my trusty ol' Singer sewing machine is packed away in storage at the moment. I decided to crochet the apron dresses instead . . . and add some handy little pockets.

These girls are dressed a bit more fanciful . . . going to a party perhaps?

Please visit my shop, where they will all become available shortly.

I will end my first post of the New Year by thanking everyone who visits. I appreciate you all for stopping by and taking the time to write me and leave comments. I apologize if I have been so sporadic in my posting or in my replies. I've just been so busy!

However, I did resolve to change all that. I have plans to kick my blog into high gear . . . with more posts and tutorials and just tons more cute! :)

Thank you for dropping by!