Friday, November 28, 2008

Cuteness Therapy

Are you stressed, worried, or suffering from anxiety?

Can't afford expensive therapy to help you cope?

Well, do what I do. Watch cute animal videos.

Dancing Walrus

Fat Cat vs. Little Box

Sleeping Hamster

Don't you feel a little better now? :)

Friday, November 21, 2008

A Holiday Gift Guide

So Christmas is looming ever closer and for those of you who need a few gift ideas . . . boy, have I got some! I'm constantly discovering wonderful shops at Etsy and here are just a few that carry some amazing creations that are perfect for holiday gift giving.

"Where fuction meets cute . . . " is Florspace's motto and I absolutely agree. Lyn specializes in wallets, purses, and bags cut from the latest kawaii fabrics. I am especially swooning over her Cube and Carte Wallets -- I just love how compact they are, yet they carry all the basics. There's really something for everyone in her shop, but I think teens and kawaii lovers would find her creations especially hard to resist.


Can you believe these lovely little pieces of art are actually pincushions? Christine makes each one herself and the above are just a mere sampling of the types of pincushions she creates. They would brighten up any sewing room and would be the perfect gift for the crafter in your life. Do check out her shop for even more cuteness in the form of ornaments, coasters, and stuffed toys.

I just adore Nut and Bee's cute and clever illustrations! Annette has both an etsy shop and her very own web shop, where each illustration can be made into buttons, rubber stamps, notepads, stickers and art prints just to name a few. In fact, I just ordered one of her art prints and I'm dying to receive it! Great gifts for an animal lover!

Now if you know someone on the more practical or earth conscious side, check out the totes at The Craft Pantry. Cammie creates all the designs herself -- from modern to retro, from whimsical to realistic. She can even personalize a tote for you! The Craft Pantry has a wide range of tote styles to choose from. I especially like the fact that all of her bags are eco friendly -- they are either organic or made of hemp or from recycled materials.

Now get ready to shop! :)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bashful Blooming Cacti and Two Scholarly Little Owls

In the Sept/Oct issue of Crochet Today! I saw this:

Well, I gave it a go all the while adding the Willy-Nilly Waterlily touch to it. Here's what I came up with:

I freehanded these little gals and spruced them up with lots of flowers. With their downcast eyes, rosy cheeks, and head full of blossoms, I christened them the Bashful Blooming Cacti. They stand about 6 inches tall including the mini terra cotta pot. I think one of these girls would pretty up a desk quite nicely.

Here's a top view.

I also made two Scholarly Little Owls. These little guys are a little more elaborate than my usual owls. They are made with a tweedy fabric for their tummy, wings and tail; and then a faux tooled leather fabric for their head and back. Their gold monocle adds to their distinguished and intellectual look.

If you're interested in any of these Bashful Blooming Cacti or Scholarly Little Owls they will be in my shop starting this Friday.

So lately I've been thinking about tags. My softies need nice little tags. I've been searching high and low for places that print glossy custom tags. And then it occurred to me -- I should make them myself! And I don't mean print them out from my computer, but actually making them individually by hand. I guess I got so caught up with my spiffy, new MOO MiniCards and how professional they look that for a moment I forgot the fun and simplicity of making things yourself . . . all the way down to the tiniest detail.

Well, here are my handmade tags. They're just simple watercolor doodles and my handwriting. It's not the most professional looking, but it's definitely a lot more personal feeling. Not to mention less expensive! :)

Well, that's all the news for now. I must run along as there is so much more crafting to be done and so little time.

Talk to you all soon!