Friday, May 28, 2010

Su-Lin the Precocious Little Panda

Please meet Su-Lin.

She is a precocious little thing.

While the other panda cubs romp and frolic in the dirt, you will find her sitting off to the side in the thickest, cleanest patch of grass. Su-Lin always takes great care not to soil her pretty dress.

Her friends often ask, "Su-Lin, why don't you come and play with us?"

"I will," Su-Lin answers. "When you play something less grubby."

Su-lin is my very first amigurumi panda bear so I'm extra excited to share her with you. I christened her after the very first panda to come to the United States in the 1930's.

As the inaugural panda, I really wanted to dress her up to the nines. Su-Lin is wearing a smock dress cut from a Japanese cherry blossom print cotton dobby. Her dress has many crocheted details such as a puff stitch trim along the dresses edge, and a band collar with a dainty flower at the neck. Su-Lin also has a crocheted drawstring purse with beaded ties. Finally, a crochet puff petal flower with a glass bead center is tucked by her right ear.

If you would like to adopt little Su-Lin she will be listed in my shop shortly.

Thank you again for visiting!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Slowly, but surely . . .

I've been working at a turtle's pace on these amigurumi. I wanted to add a bit of zing to my usual bunnies and bears, and whenever I'm brainstorming new ideas I'm always slow to realize them because there's so much trial and error . . . and more error . . . involved.

As you can see they haven't changed all that much. I didn't want to do an extreme makeover. I needed to keep their charm . . . and then add a dose of oomph! :) I did that by focusing on the little details.

I started out by selecting quality mohair yarns with a wonderful fuzz factor for the little critters. Fuzzier is always better, I think. :) And then for their apron dresses, I chose some lovely fabrics -- a pink embroidered cotton gauze, an imported Liberty of London lawn, and a dainty daisy pique.

With color coordinating cotton thread, I crocheted a picot lace to go around the edge of the dresses and created a Peter Pan collar at the necklines.

To top it all off I changed the routine wool felt flower by their ears. After fiddling with a bunch of flower variations, I came up with these crochet puff petal flowers with glass bead centers. I just love how sweet and plump they look.

These three munchkins will be in my shop soon.

And please stay tuned for my next post. I'm so excited to share my next project with you. It's an amigurumi animal I've never made before. Being that it's another new idea it may take a bit of time, but I promise you it will be worth the wait. :)

Thank you again for visiting!