Sunday, May 10, 2009

It's Loovee Crafting Time

As you well know, I've been all about amigurumi softies lately. Well, Loovee has been giving me that side eyed glance of discontent that tells me she has been quite neglected. Thus, I decided to devote some time to Loovee crafting. It wasn't hard to find some inspiration. With temperatures reaching upwards of 80° here in Hawaii, summer is definitely around the corner, and it put me in the mind of creating a pretty sundress for Loovee.

I wanted to create a dress that was sweet, simple and defintely summer-y. I decided that I would crochet it because nothing says warm summer days at the beach like a little crochet sundress.

Well, here is Loovee hitting the beach to test the final product. I think she's quite pleased with it. The design is simple and un-fussy. I added the curvy detail at the hem to convey surf and waves, and also to add some interest to such a basic design. I decided to variegate the waves in three different shades of pink, from darkest to lightest. I really like how it came out. It reminds me of a plumeria flower petal. Finally, I thought a beaded tie on the bodice would be a nice touch.

Loovee seems to enjoy sunning herself on the rocks.

Finally, a parting shot of Loovee as the sun sets.

I crocheted a couple more of these sundresses for the shop. I made a point to choose colors that were reminiscent of all things summer -- the beach, seashells, and tropical flowers . . . .

Please click on the pics to see the details better.

These three dresses have the variegated wavy hems.

These three have bold, solid waves.

If anyone is interested in any of these dresses, please check back at my shop. I'll start listing them tomorrow.

Thank you for visiting!