Saturday, January 19, 2008

Easy Peasy Beaded Headband for Blythe: A Tutorial

I think the best gift a crafty blog can give other than inspiration, is a tutorial. From blog tutorials I've learned such things as how to sew a zipper bag or how to make a bottle cap pin cushion. I'm just so grateful when people are willing to pass on their knowledge. So today I'm gonna pay it forward by making my very first tutorial, which I hope you will all use and enjoy.

I thought up this idea while browsing through my local hobby shop. I came across this nifty thing called memory wire. Memory wire is a coiled jewelry wire that snaps back into its original shape when flexed. I noticed that the necklace sized memory wire was about the diameter of Blythe's noggin, and then this simple idea popped into my head.

Anyway, let's get started shall we?

First, gather your supplies:

-- Precut memory wire, regular necklace size (Find it at your local hobby or bead shop. The diameter of the wire coil I purchased is about 3.6 inches.)
-- an assortment of small beads
-- needle nose pliers

1. Trim one of the precut wires to a length of 8 1/2 inches. My wire came with one end already bent in a little loop. If your wire doesn't have a loop, take your pliers and make one. Make sure that when you bend the loop, the wire's end faces outwards. It will be less likely to catch on your Blythe's hair that way.
2. Now start slipping beads onto the wire until it's about 7 5/8 in. in length. If your doll's hair is extra poofy, you may want to lengthen the headband a bit.
3. Cut the wire about 3/16 in. after the last bead.
4. Grab your pliers and carefully twist the end into another loop to secure the beads in place. Try to make the loop tight against the final bead so that the beads don't slide about on the wire.
5. If the headband is a bit loosey-goosey on your Blythe's head, you can bend them a bit inward to give it a tighter fit. This may take some doing as the wire does tend to hold it's shape, but it'll work.

Hooray! You're all done! Now you have a pretty headband for your Blythe! These are so easy and fun to make. I whipped up these three headbands in less than 15 minutes. I do hope I explained things well enough, but if you still have questions please don't hesitate to ask.

Happy crafting!


Gina2424 said...

What a great idea- I may have to interview you for BIY! I also added your blog link to mine!

cana43 said...

Hello, I came from Flickr.
It is very lovely.
The way of making wants to be also comprehensible, and to challenge
by all means.

Other works are also very pretty. (*♥ะด♥*)

Linda said...

Love that idea! I must try it sometime soon! Molli is bugging me to make some already. Eeeks! Better get to the craft store. He he.

Tizzalicious said...

Fantastic idea! I'm gonna have to make these for my girls!

Colleen (Silly Panda) said...

That's such a cute idea!

Zari said...

These little accessories you make are all so cute, these are no exception!
It’s great that you can share your ideas through tutorials…I’m sure many people will appreciate it a lot! Thanks for sharing!
I love the little bunnies…they are so adorable! So cute and delicate!
I’m also glad to know you received the GCU card, and that you liked it that much…it really means a lot to me…thank you! –zappy is thankful too ;)

60-60 said...

oh thank you thank, definitely I will try it, thanks!!!! (((HUGS)))

the enchanted pumpkin said...

that is so cute! gonna have to try it sometime!

xGaussianBlurx said...

I would really want to make this for my blythe but I think I dont have free time =(

Kim said...

My Blythe, Wednesday, NEEDS one of these!! Thanks for sharing!!

Lisa said...

Thank you so much for posting this tutorial! I've been thinking of having a go at headband making and I appreciate your generosity. :)

headbands said...

Thanks for sharing this tutorial! I really love any kinds of headbands. Those headbands really look great! I'll probably make some to add on my collection.

Samara said...

Hi!! I write for the brazilian Blythe blog and I would love to share this tutorial in Portuguese, with all credits to you, of course. Let me know if this is possible.