Sunday, February 24, 2008

Tag! Loovee's IT!

Milkberry tagged me for another meme, but Loovee wanted to have a go at it this time.
I don't know why the big people always get to have all the fun. I want to play, too!

Okay, so seven random facts about me. Hmmmmm . . .
  1. My name, Loovee, comes from the book Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. The Hooloovoo, is an alien race described as a super intelligent shade of the color blue, and my name is short for that.
  2. I think pink is the sweetest color in the world!
  3. Gachapin is my best-est friend even if he's a Japanese dinosaur, and we have a hard time communicating because I don't know much Japanese and the only English he knows are, "Cake!" and "Mine!"
  4. I cannot live without my pig boots, which are not boots made out of a pig, but boots with a cute pig face painted on them.
  5. I have 4 pairs of eyes.
  6. I hum to myself all the time, but never when anyone is around.
  7. I'll eat most anything with peanut butter in it, and I especially love peanut butter mochi and Reese's peanut butter ice cream.
So now who will I tag for 7 Random Facts?

My pals Molli, Zelda . . . and New Girl, too, if she's not too shy to talk.

I always read about Hana and Misuzu and their adventures, and I would love to know them better.

Lilly London is very fashionable and I would love to know more about her!

Febee is a new girl and I'm so curious about her!

I want to know more about Marlene and her pretty violet hair.

And Alla . . . you're it, too!


Alisa said...

If I had a dinosaur, it would be my best friend too!

Milkberry said...

Awww Loovee is so cute!

I love Hitchhiker's Guide to the galaxy too! Share and enjoy! I love the books so much I even have the radio series collection!

yay for geeks!

mushroommeadows said...

8 pairs of eyes? What does that mean? :)

Tizzalicious said...

She's so cute!

I share her love for peanut butter!

Anonymous said...

she's nice :) marlene was very happy to fill out that meme :)

Megumi said...

Yay! This is fun(^-^)!! Loovee is so cute(>_<)!!! Hmmm..Reeses Peanut butter ice cream sounds really good!! Peanut butter mochi!? that sounds good, too(^_<)!!

I will make Misuzu and Hana write about them soon!

TheBlytheMummy said...

Oh you have such a fun inspirational blog! Love your stuff!

Dinkydivas said...

Yay, another Hitchhikers fan!!!

60-60 said...

Ok, Alla and Lilly got tagged post up! :)

Molli said...

Hi Rima and Loovee!

Thanks so much for tagging me and my sisters! Well, it turns out that I'm such a loud mouth that my 7 random facts drowned out Zelda's and Ramona's for the most part. Eeeps!

I've never had peanut butter mochi, but we will be sure to look for them at the Japanese grocery store the next time we are there.

Have you tried the honeydew mochi? Those are yuuuuummy!!!

Ever since you posted the headband tutorial, mom has been making them like crazy! She wants to make headbands to go with every outfit! Hee hee!

Butterbear, Pinky Bun Bun, and the owls say hi!

Molli (and mommy Linda)