Friday, March 14, 2008

The Return of the Crochet Dress Sets, Arte du Blythe, and You MUST Watch This

I've crocheted four more babydoll/ hair clip dress sets that I'll be listing on the TIB Clothing & Sundries section tomorrow. I'm so tickled by the complimentary reaction to them. Thank you to everyone for your kind comments and for purchasing the last sets. I'm so appreciative! These will be the last of the them for now as my crochet dress phase is dying down and I'm excited to move on to other crafty projects. Update: I've just listed them here.

So I've recently become a proud member of the Arte du Blythe group. If you haven't heard about it yet it's basically a bunch of crafty people getting together to create a fat book dedicated to Blythe. What is a fat book, you ask? Well, read all about it and the Arte du Blythe group here, and come join us if you are interested. Everyone is just so lovely over there!

The little doodle above was my entry into the group's blog button contest. Doesn't she look familiar? It was the first time I had ever used Adobe Photoshop to color one of my sketches. I usually hand paint them with watercolors and I guess I'm just so used to that organic, textured look because my Photoshop doodle looks quite flat to me. Still, it was very quick and fun to do. When I have the time I think I will toy around with the artistic capabilities of Photoshop a bit more (oh, and also fix Loovee's wonky eyelashes above).

Someone posted this great video on TIB not so long ago and if you adore Blythe and haven't seen it yet, please do! It's in Japanese so I have no idea what they are saying, but I've gathered that it's some sort of news report featuring the Blythe doll phenomenon in Japan. It's amazing eye candy!

Well, I must run along now because I just got some cuteness in the mail and I am dying to rip open the package. I can't wait to show it to you in my next post!

Thank you all for visiting! Have a great weekend!


the enchanted pumpkin said...

i love these dresses so much! if you'd ever consider a swap for one i'd be so grateful!

Alisa Wilhelm said...

I love the Blythe sub-culture because of all the shared love of cuteness. Everything in this post is petite, and cute, and lovely.

Warm fuzzy feelings!

Sam said...

Those dresses are so adorable! I hope I can snap one up on TIB!

That video is also complete eye candy, I loved seeing all those beautiful dollies. Febee enjoyed it too, because of the extreme cuteness!


Megumi said...

AWWW!! I love those dresses!! They are soooo pretty(>_<)!!!

Yes, that's right! That show was about the Blythe craze in Japan!! I wish I were at that event...(*-*;). Thanks for posting that video!!

Have a nice weekend!

60-60 said...

Love the video, thank you for showing this!~

Unbelievable how lovely the dresses you've made, they are so cute! :)

Sandy said...

Unbelievable video! I wish I knew what they were saying! I love your blythe animations!

Tizzalicious said...

Arte Du Blythe sounds so awesome!

Silvana said...

Wow! that´s a great video! thanks for sharing it!
I love your crochet designs! i´m learning it, i hope some day i can do something as nice as yours!!!!
Kisses Silvana♥

Feltland said...

So beautiful dresses - really sweet ... :D

Zari said...

so adorable...i just love the mini hair cute!

I'm curious to know what was on those mail packges = P

mushroommeadows said...

Cute dresses indeed!!! I love the accessories.

Hey, that's a cool little button design there. I hope you win the contest!

Linda said...

We were to lucky to snag 3 of your lovely dresses, Rima! The girls absolutely love them and they are STILL wearing them at this very moment! I don't think they'll be changing until Easter. Hee hee! Thank you so much for being such a lovely Blythe friend. Molli misses the Hawaiian breeze and sends hugs to Loovee.