Friday, November 28, 2008

Cuteness Therapy

Are you stressed, worried, or suffering from anxiety?

Can't afford expensive therapy to help you cope?

Well, do what I do. Watch cute animal videos.

Dancing Walrus

Fat Cat vs. Little Box

Sleeping Hamster

Don't you feel a little better now? :)


in company with sparkles said...

I hope you had a very joyful Thanksgiving as well! Though this is a bit late ;) Those videos are adorable. They remind me of 'i can has cheezburger' - which is really silly but so funny!

Sandy Michelle said...

LOL....those are indeed the best way to de-stress over the holidays!

*emilie* said...

aw thank you so much for these videos !! i love the fat cat.

Silvana said...

Oh i had a lot of funn watching the videos!!!! the best is the cat´s!!!!
kisses!! Sil

ismoyo said...

I love me some cuteness therapy!
Thanks for sharing.