Thursday, October 21, 2010

Oh, Boy!

Lately, I've been itching to create new things. I can't seem to make myself crochet/ sew my old standards. I love them -- the cupcakes, and cacti, and owls, and such -- but at the moment I just feel the need to make something surprising and unexpected. Or at least to refresh and redesign my usual softie repertoire.

These little guys are pretty novel. I've never made a boy amigurumi before. I've just always loved the floral and frills of outfitting little girls. This time around, however, I wanted to make something a little less frou-frou . . . a lot more casual. Rough and tumble little boys seemed to be the logical answer.

I opted to outfit this bunny and the bear in aviator hats and scarves.

Here's a close-up of the aviator hat.

With chilly weather just around the corner, I decided to dress this bunny boy in a winter earflap hat and matching scarf.

And what has inspired me to create little amigurumi boys? Well, it may have something to do with the little man above :) Yep, this is the Big Project I've been working on and why I haven't been as quick and crafty as I normally am. I've been quite preoccupied preparing for his arrival. I'm so excited!

Well, if you are interested in any of the softies above, I should have them listed in my shop by this weekend.

Thank you for visiting and happy crafting! :)


duendes said...

hi I visited your blog is very nice ,i loved your creations.Come visit me at my blog hugs.

the enchanted pumpkin said...

oh congratulations rima! i am so happy for you! can't wait to see your little guy! and the amigurumi are adorable too! big huggs!

Carrie Me! said...

Congratulations to you!!!! Boys are so wonderful :) and your new designs are adorable!

claribari said...

Ohmigosh! That is so exciting! My little girl is due a week from today. When is your little boy joining us?

I was missing your blog and your beautiful amigurumi. Thank you for posting. The aviator bears and bunnies are adorable. If I had more funds I would snatch up that little girl bunny in your shop!

margarida said...

OMG! the best project! congratulations!
i love your work!

o0oCarinao0o said...

Congrats! I'm so happy for you. A baby is a blessing....sometimes a blessing in disguised when you are up all night trying to put them to sleep ^ ^;; ...but a blessing. <3

I think I might just snatch up some this weekend. I'm sure my son would like them...he does loves his cars though.... I need some boy bunnies for my girl bunnies. XD

Líber said...


Filiz said...

hi from turkey!This is first time I visit your blog,your works are cute, and creative.I like them very much:)Knitting is my favourite hobby,I have a blog about knitting.İf you visit my blog I will be glad:)see you

p.s.I hope your son makes your life happier than now:)

joan said...

wow that is so good of you to share your scan i have a young grandson and he is a credit to his mum congratulations and good luck

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the little man! I had a little boy over the summer. Before I got to the end of the post and saw your news, I thought these would be so cute for my munchkin, if only they didn't have the bead eyes and the buttons!

Carol Kroetz said...

Congratulations!!!! I have a boy, well... he´s more like a young man now... he is 14! I wish you all the best!
Loved your blog!