Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Loovee's Christmas Swap (and the Meddlesome Monster)

What an exciting day! Loovee's swap package from pal Molli and her mommy Linda finally arrived!

What could possibly be inside that pretty box?

A bottomless pit of goodness that's what! Loovee was speechless by all the adorable items -- cupcake ornaments, cute kitchen magnets, sweet smelling erasers, a cat rubber stamp, Hello Kitty stationary . . . but what was really screaming out at her was that beautiful dress.

She quickly rushed away to try it on . . . .

And returned to find Gachapin, the resident exchange monster from Japan, rifling through her package! It seems he could not resist all those delicious looking goodies.

Luckily, Loovee got there before he could do any real damage. She coaxed him out of the box with a cupcake magnet and sat him down. Patiently, she explained that the world is a tricky place, and just because it looks like food doesn't necessarily mean that it is.

Poor Gachapin was so confused and unhappy. "But that ice cream cone looked so real!"


Thank you so much, Linda and Molli! This was Loovee's first swap and it was the funnest experience. The outfit you made is just scrumptious. I love the great details like the teensy buttons and the flowers on the headband. And how do you sew such neat, little hems?

We do hope you enjoy our swap package as much as we have enjoyed yours. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Molli and Linda!


Molli said...

Hi Rima and Loovee!

Thank you so much for the amazing gifts!!! I love them so so so much! You make such sweet, adorable, and wonderful things.

I am so glad that you like our gifts! Can you tell that I am a little sweets-obsessed by the items and colors I picked out? I'll bet that I have a lot in common with Gachapin. :)

We would love to swap again sometime!

Merry Christmas!!!

Molli (and mommy Linda)

Pihcol said...

I love your crafts, and I love your adventures. The whole feel of your page feels warm, bright, and fun. I can't wait to see what surprises you have in store following the new year. Adventures in craft and cute? Definitely a title that fits your blog.

Merry Christmas.