Sunday, December 23, 2007

Please Welcome Mino the Elephant!

I've been dying of anticipation ever since I was lucky enough to purchase one of Mumka's softies. I've been visiting her store for awhile now, and I've just been so intrigued by the little bears and bunnies she makes. They are so adorable! And when an unusual little green elephant popped up in her shop, I snatched him up right away!
I spied a little box in my mailman's hand as he walked up my driveway yesterday. I was so thrilled. Finally, my Mumka! However, that quickly turned to dread upon seeing a large gash on the side of the box and an ominous green sticker that screamed: EXAMINED BY U.S. CUSTOMS! My Mumka softie came all the way from Poland and I'm not well versed in the ways of international shipping, so seeing this gave me a bit of a fright. I immediately had visions of over enthusiastic bomb and drug sniffing dogs shredding open my box and drooling on my poor plushie.

With apprehension, I carefully opened the box . . .

And thankfully, Mino the Elephant was none the worse for wear considering his extensive and harrowing trip to Hawaii. Isn't he cute? I just adore his fresh, mint green color. He was also very well outfitted for his travels -- he came with a little blankie, a pillow, and a wee elephant softie of his very own. A card that accompanied him states:

Mint Elephant Mino
Born: 8th December 2007
Made with mohair, linen, cotton, felt, *heart*
Favourites: short trips and sleeping

Short trips? Well, that was certainly a very long trip, poor thing.

And sleeping? Well, I guess that explains why when I left him for just a moment, I returned and found this --

Shhhhhhhh . . .

Sweet dreams, Little Mino.


secretsofabutterfly said...

ooh mino is so cute,i'm so pleased he made it to you safe and sound, no wonder he needed a nap after his arrival,poor thing!i will have to check out that toy maker soon,thanks for the link,wishing you a peaceful holiday season, and thankyou for adding me to your list of blogs,(i spotted it tonight and i'm so chuffed) as i really admire your work,and your blog header is so so sweet! love Kat x

the enchanted pumpkin said...

oh! i am so sad he was examined! but so very cute! hopefully they were nice to him! happy holidays!

mushroommeadows said...

Yes, looking at that box nearly gave me a heart attack! Thank goodness he's alright and cute, too! :)

Linda said...

Hi Rima!

Little minty Mino is so cute! I am so amazed at how he even has his own little baby elephant!

He is so sweet and adorable. You pick such adorable plushies to adopt. I would love to see a picture of your plushie family someday! :)

Have a wonderful New Year!


moline said...

He is very cute and I think he found a great home!