Saturday, March 7, 2009

Getting My Craft On

Since we spoke last I've been a very busy crafting bee! My mind as well as my crafting desk have been a-clutter and aflutter with so many projects.

The major one being an army of Bashful Blooming Cacti. Some are custom orders and some will be going to my Etsy shop soon.

Yayy! They have official tags now! :)

During one of my lazier crafting days I decided to make these little "thank you" tags. I've never been much of a stamper/ paper crafter as sewing and crocheting are my cup of tea, so I was surprised that I got such a kick out of making these. There's something very nostalgic about sitting at your desk and cutting paper and gluing pieces of it here and there. It reminded me of being in grade school and making Valentine's Day cards or construction paper chains for the class Christmas tree. Ahhhhh, childhood . . . . :)

This week I visited my favorite fabric store on the island, Kaimuki Dry Goods, where I scored some sweet Japanese import fabrics. Just look at the yummy colors! I could not wait to start cutting into them!

I'll end this post with a parting shot of my craft desk. Can you tell what I'm working on? If you guessed Blythe Wooly Lamb Hoods then pat yourself on the back! :) I'm not sure how successful it will turn out because the faux lamb's wool is rather thick and it's giving my poor Singer sewing machine a ghastly time of it. We'll see, I guess. If all goes well I should have a bunch in my Etsy shop soon.

Oh, wait! Before I forget -- The winner of February's Reader Appreciation Giveaway is Ismoyo! I will get in touch with you soon, Ismoyo! :)

Take care until next time!


Pihcol said...

Looks like you've been quite the busy crafter. I absolutely love your cacti, and I can see why they are in such a high demand. Keep up the ruthless cute production!! The world could use more cute!!

ViVy said...

I love these fabric!!!!
It's so cute!

Die Schaubude said... sweet and very much nicer than the original plants ;) greetings from germany Tanja

gulle hexan said...

lovely cactus..:)

in company with sparkles said...

What cute tags! Though I love drawing, I've just recently gotten into scrapbooking, and it did surprise me how much the paper crafts aspect was enjoyable.

the enchanted pumpkin said...

i love your cacti! i really must have one soon! the new fabrics are beautiful! and wooly lamb hoods! that sounds VERY tempting! thanks again for the bunny hood! we love it! the hankies..will be a blythe project.. just as soon as i get around to it.!

Zari said...

everything is so cute!

the cacti are super lovely! and the handmade labeling is such a great idea!

G3T Films said...

I really like the effect the different eye positions have on the character and emotion of the two foremost Bashful Blooming Cacti.

Marce said...

hoooooooo! cute new tags! i adore the hedgehog! is very cute recive a product whit so much details!
i hope win the next giveaway!
LOL for you!

60-60 said...

OMG, your crafts are always beautiful! Every time I come here and I find you have new creations, I am just speechless. Where did you get all these beautiful fabrics? They are so lovely!

harosa said...


Holly said...

Hey Rima! You are featured at! Congrats :)

LindaJ said...

Hi Rima!

Awwww... Everything is so cute and cheery! Your creations are just top-notch!

We received our bunny hat the other day and it is just adorable. We can't wait to see the finished woolly lamb hats.

Yay! Paper crafting is my favorite! I just love cutting and gluing. You are right - there is something very nostalgic about it.

Hugs to you, dear friend!
Linda and Molli

ismoyo said...

I won? How come i missed this?!
**Doing a dance**
but hey... wait a minute..
you've sent it out a couple of weeks ago?? oops.
nothing here.
or maybe.. did you send it to my PO Box probably?
Haven't checked there in, well like a week and a half.
Ok, planning a trip to my PO on Monday!
*continuing my dancing*