Saturday, March 21, 2009

Something Special : Star and Scout

Do you you know what I love? I love it when you don't really have an idea at all of what you're going to make, but you keep fiddling with the materials you have on hand, and slowly, surely something starts to come to life right before your eyes. When that happens it's a fun little journey with unforeseen twists and turns and what you end up with is just a pleasant surprise.

And that's what happened with these little gals. Please meet Star and Scout.



It all started with a little dilemma -- I wanted to whip up some of my usual Apple Cheek Ami Bunnies, but the mohair yarn I normally use was still en route from New York. Instead of waiting, I decided to dig around in my yarn stash, where I found some soft, fuzzy, loopy chenille yarn and I just started crocheting away. I absolutely loved how it turned out -- the loopy chenille hid the stitches so well and gave the bunny a wonderful plush look to it.

As I stared at the finished bunnies lying naked on my craft table, they just screamed for me to do something extra special with them. I wanted to do more and give more with them, and basically make them truly one of a kind.

So first, I named them. The buttermilk colored bunny I called Star and the cocoa bunny I christened Scout, both after real pet bunnies of mine.

Then I turned it up as far as their outfits go by giving their dresses details like vintage ric-rac and hand embroidery. I crocheted little bags for them to match their outfits. The flowers by their ears were reworked completely with stitch pleated petals and Japanese ume (plum blossom) centers.

I solidified their uniqueness by doing a little mixed media (watercolor, colored pencil, ink) painting of them with their names written on it. Sort of like a trading card.

Finally, I stitched up matching fully lined drawstring bags to tuck them away in.

I love how everything came out. I feel like these bunnies have their own little personalities. A pleasant surprise, indeed.

These two little gals will be in my shop in the next day or so if anyone is interested.

Oh, before I forget -- the winner of this Month's Reader Appreciation Giveaway is . . . KELLY MEDINA! Thank you for all your support Kelly! I'll get in touch with you soon!

Aloha for now! :)


ViVy said...

beautiful as always!

Amanda Carey said...

Wow! They are both gorgeous!

Kim said...

My daughter calls that a "happy accident"
These are so cute, LOVE the trading cards!!! Those are awesome!

Molli said...

How completely adorable! Scout is especially sweet. I just love her sweet, tan complexion. You always have the best ideas!

Carrie Me! said...

Oh my gosh I am in love! They are adorable and so nicely done, I love the trading card idea =)

Kelly Medina said...

Oh, wow! yay!

And I think I just melted a little when I saw Scout. They are both so cute, but Scout is unbelievably adorable. Great details and work.

hanamik said...

Wow, how special are those bunnies! I absolutely love how the chenille yarn turned out, I thought they were sewn at first. I particularly am impressed by all of the details you put into their bags and flower head piece, the dress, everything.

Pigwidget said...

Those bunnies are gorgeous, adorable, cute, etc, etc...! I LOVE them! Any chances their 'clones' might appear in your shop any time soon? Serendipidous creations indeed :D

Hugs, Beka x

Tizzalicious said...

They are SOOOOOOOOOOO cute! Aww! ♥ I love how they are different from normal amigurumi's, and their outfits are adorable!

Liber said...

Is cute, beautiful.
The rabbits is lovely.
I like your blog.
P.S. My english is very bad.

FrolleinSuzy said...

You are so creative, I love this two. So cute.

Leonor said...

my god!!! they're so cute <3
i really love them

the enchanted pumpkin said...

omg! i am so in love with these bunnies! they are so extra special! amazingly sweet!

Little Brown Rabbit said...

These are so gorgeous! I also have two rabbits of my own- Millie and George :)

*emilie* said...

oooh they are to DIE FOR !

ismoyo said...

They turned out too sweet!
And i haven't told you yet, but i finally emptied out my PO box! Thank you sooooo much for the pretty bookmarks, I LOVE!

Zari said...

OMG! these are awesome! love them!!!!

Um pouco mais de mim... said...

Tudo por aqui é perfeito!

Belíssimas peças!

Um dia eu chego neste nível!

Deus abençoe estas maravilhosas mãos!