Sunday, June 14, 2009

Back in the Zone

Since the vog (a.k.a The Vile Cloud of Crafting Doom) lifted, I've finally got myself into a nice crafting schedule again. This week it's been nothing but Itty Bitty Amigurumis. Between the crocheting and the origami, I find it a nice all around soothing craft.

As you can see, I've added some bears to my Itty Bitty repertoire. I experimented a bit with the muzzle -- I did an embroidered nose much like my bigger bears, but then I also tried out a black bead nose. I'm not sure which one I like better. What do you all think? Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.

Here's a better look of them all decked out in their crochet dresses.

I've been on a desperate hunt to find more colors of this fingering weight mohair yarn. As you can see all I have at the moment are white and yellow. The manufacturer doesn't make any other suitable colors. The problem with Hawaii is that yarn shops are so scarce so I almost always have to mail order in. It's a bit of a guessing game since you can't see and feel the yarn for yourself. So far I've purchased some mohair yarn from Canada hoping that it would be a good weight/ gauge match with the yarn I'm presently using. No such luck. It was way too thin. I've just ordered some yarn from New York and I'm crossing my eyes and fingers that they're a good match.

I haven't done an "In Other Cuteness" feature in awhile, but I've discovered something so absolutely, irresistibly cute that I simply must share it --

Please meet Pecan! How adorable is he sitting on a stump with his little elephant push toy?

"Pecan is the oldest and wisest of the Pecanpals. He is a master storyteller, often spending entire afternoons sitting under a tall palm tree, reading. He insists that all the knowledge you ever need to know is found in stories. Pecan likes to be aware of things that are happening on the island, making sure to visit each and every person on his daily rounds." -- Noferin

The PecanPals are a group of whimsical characters created by the Australian artists of Noferin. They do paintings based on their characters and recently they branched out into making wooden figures of them. I just had to snatch one up right away! If you would like to purchase one, too, I wouldn't wait very long. These little guys have been going fast!

Before I leave I have to annouce the winner of June's Reader Appreciation Giveway! Thank you to Andrea Rooks of Rooks Paper Scissors for all your support! I will contact you soon!

Happy crafting everyone! :)


Amber said...

Your amigurumi are adorable!

in company with sparkles said...

Crafting really is soothing! I'm always relaxed when embroidering.

little t jane said...

so glad the vog has lifted- your newest itty bitties are sooo cute! eeek! my preference is the teeny black bead nose. so cute & funny! :D i love pecan, too- his elephant friend is super darling!!! thank you for sharing. and congrats to andrea on her win! all good wishes

Leonor said...

love the little bears!!! and i think i like the embroidered one beter :)
all your amigurumis are so cute <3

Anonymous said...

Such an adorable array of crafty cuteness. I love the "mini" avenue that you're exploring. they are too delicious for words. Pecan is too cute. you purchased a good find. I can't wait for your next post! oh...btw...i prefer the bigger nose over the beaded one. ;)

Andrea Rooks said...

I just love your tiny creations! I've been thinking about your crocheting prowess lately as I've been trying my hand at crocheting baby booties. I've made two prototypes (which I'll blog about soon) and I'm happy enough with the results to keep trying. I didn't want to go from a pattern as the thrill of figuring it out just can't be beat!

As for your question, I'm drawn to the nose with the black bead...

And hurray for winning! I'm so excited about that Hello Kitty origami paper! The best way to contact me would be to convo me through my Etsy store :) Thanks so much!

Morocha said...

I love your blog! Your amigurumi are so cute =)♥!

A Game of Twister said...

Wow, you create the cutest stuff. It always makes my day when you post a blog about the new stuff you've been working on.

As to your question, I think that the embroidered nose is to adorable! ^-^


Lyn said...

Eeeekkk! So adorable as usual :)
Embroidered nose looks cuter to me :) :)

Little Brown Rabbit said...

I like both types of noses :)
And absolutely LOVE Pecan- I went over to see if I could get one but all the wooden ones have sold out :(
will keep checking back though. Thanks for sharing.
Em x

Little Brown Rabbit said...

Hello again! Just wanted to say I mentioned you in my Blog today because I wrote about Noferin which you introduced me to. Hope that's ok.
Em x

Sandy Michelle said...

Your little bears are too cute! I hope the yarn from New York is what you were looking for!

Sandy xox

*emilie* said...

oh my ! that's what it is then... i think the vog has headed my way..

m said...

I really love your cute amigurumis and the other things you make!
If you take a look at my blog you will see that I have an award waiting for you :)

Kontakt: said...

What a wonderful blog, have not seen anything like this berfore. Super qute!!

ana de toledo said...

I am desperatly in love with everything around here!

Zari said...

Love your amigurumis!! they are soooo sweet!

Pecan looks great! I like PecanPals too ;)


Shanny said...

Hi! I love your bunnies! They are too cute. I must have one but there arent any in your shop right now.

I was wondering if I could place a special order from you?