Saturday, June 6, 2009

It's the Vog's Fault, and the Return of Owls and the Reader Appreciation Giveway!


I hate it when I don't keep up with my regular scheduled posts. I've had a case of the blahs lately, which I blame on the recent weather. I know most people think that Hawaii weather is a dream -- and for the most part it is -- but sometimes we have this atmospheric phenomenon called vog, and it kicks me in the butt every time. Vog (volcanic smog) occurs when gases emitted from the Kilauea volcano in the Big Island mix with air, sun, and moisture and creates a smog like haze that makes the air feel thick, heavy, and sticky hot. Normally, it doesn't affect us much in Oahu, but occasionally wind will blow it down our way. Well, we recently experienced vog a couple of days running and it really choked the life out of me. Physically and mentally. Not only is the heat and humidity so miserable, but it's also rather depressing to look out at your once beautiful, crystal clear view of Diamond Head and see an ugly, brown film.

Anyway, I blame my vog addled brain for my lazy, blah, non-blogging state. Yep, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. :)

When the air (and my head) finally cleared, I decided to make some owls. I hadn't whipped up any of those little critters in awhile. I decided to make a Thoughtful Little Owl and a pair of Scholarly Little Owls. It was fun taking a break from crocheting and getting reacquainted with my sewing machine again. I think I'm going to do even more sewing projects now.

So I'm painfully aware that I missed last month's Reader Appreciation Giveway . . . *sigh*. I feel horrible about it because I hate being willy-nilly about things, even though this blog is aptly named for such behavior. To make up for it I wanted to make June's Reader Appreciation Giveaway super special. So here it is:

My new favorite craft is origami. I find it so calming and fun, and I would love to pass on my joy of origami to someone else. For those of you unfamiliar with the art of Japanese paper folding or for those who could use some more origami supplies, I put together this mini origami crafting kit. In it there's an origami instruction book with 33 sheets of paper included, and I've tossed in two more packages of super sweet Japanese import origami paper. What fun! :) You all know the drill -- I'll be picking the winner at random from the comment pool of this post.

Thank you again for visiting my hopelessly willy-nilly, but obsessively crafty little corner of the universe! Aloha!


Kristin L said...

I just have to say how cute I think the addition of the monocle is to those little owls!

I kept hearing the word, but only last week actually found out what "vog" is. Only in Hawaii -- kinda like the surf board I saw on on the side of a fire truck today. ;-) Anyway, blame it on the vog, it's OK.

little t jane said...

vog stinks. :( i'm so glad you're back! i adore your bright eyed owls- do i see that two of those cute little guys have monocles?!! awesome. i've always wanted to try origami- oh thank you heaps for this sweet giveaway! so much fun :D all good wishes & cheer!!!

Wasted Wishes said...

What cute little intelligent owls! I also love the monocle...I bet if they could speak, it would be with a British accent. :)

Rebecca said...

I have the blah's too! It's so hard to be in a typing mood, when there's not much to type about. BUT CHEER UP BUTTER CUP!!! Those new owls are too cute with there little eye glasses O_'

Love, Reader Rebecca...tee hee >_<

redbag said...

Love those little owls! The monocle is a cute touch, but I love the Thoughtful Little Owl just as much =) Also sorry to hear about the weather, I'm dreading the moment it gets hot and humid in here.

Saskia said...

Oooh... cute, cute origami-papers!!! So bright and 'happy'! Thanks for giving a chance to win!

Hihi... the owls are cute too...Well, don't have to tell I guess, that I LOVE 'cute things'!! :)

Sweet greetings,
Saskia :)

Um pouco mais de mim... said...

Simplesmente perfeitas!
lindas estas corujinhas...


Andrea Rooks said...

I just love your little owls! And the origami paper is delicious! I still remember how to make a crane, which my 6th grade teacher taught me oh so long ago...

Leonor said...

Yay!! your fanilly back with super cute owls :)
I like oyur amigurumis, but I also like your sewing projects.
Thank you for another giveaway
Hope everything is alright now (weather wise)

Little Brown Rabbit said...

Hello! Glad the vog has cleared up! Sounds horrible :(
Your little owls are lovely!

the enchanted pumpkin said...

you owls are adorable! as always.. hey did you ever get the owl hat i sent ya? hope your weather improves! huggs!

Marce said...

oh dear! i hope the weather get better! it´s an horrible situation!
but your owls are cute like ever and the give away is wonderful!
LOL and don´t worry!

Morocha said...

Your blog is absolutely gorgeous!
And your owls are so cute!
See you soon...

Anonymous said...

Love the blog!

"Chris is Starving!"

TATIANA said...

i love hello kitty

McKenna Lindsey said...

So glad you're back blogging. I am in love with your cacti and bunnies and am working on my crocheting!

Líber said...

me votas?
Estoy en el nuevo concurso, este es el enlace:

Is your Blythe
Thank You

Joaninha said...

Olá. amei suas corujinhas.
Vou tentar fazer se voce me permitir ok?
Passe no meu blog e retire meu mimo "joaninha" ok?
Um abraço

Carol Kroetz said...

Hi! I loved your owls!
I´ve just bought my first sewing machine and I was looking for some owls like these when I found your blog.
I like owls because they are the symbol for my profession (at least here in Brazil... I´m an English teacher!
I´d like to try these owls as my first project... they are so cute... would you share the model with me?
Have a happy 2012!!!!

Carol Kroetz said...

Hi, again!
I was checking your beautiful projects and I´ve just realised you have a shop where you sell your products... I had no idea, that´s why I asked for the model for the owls... =)
Anyway, I really loved your work, you are very talented!
I´d love you to visit my blog: (it means Carol´s home, in Portuguese!)