Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Softies Central Holiday Awards

Little bunny happily skips through the snow to drop off gifts to family and friends . . .
So this is what's been keeping me busy this past week. Have you heard of Softies Central? Well, if not you must go pay a visit. It's a hub for softie artists and they're currently hosting a contest for the holidays. All the entries thus far are amazing and so creative. Go take a peek and be inspired. Little Bunny here will be participating in the festivities.

"Happy Holidays to you!" Little Bunny says. "Now off I go!'


meria said...

so cute!

Linda said...

Hi Rima!

Wow - that is such a cute little amigurumi bunny! What's even more cute is the little clay bunny in its pocket. :)

* Molli waves hi to Loovee *


Sanna F said...

THis is just to to sweet! I love it!