Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Craft Spaz

The above title accurately describes what I've been like since my last post. I have so many project ideas popping into my head that it's hard for me to even think straight. One moment I'm cutting fabric for a new softie, soon after I'll drop that to crochet an amigurumi bunny, and before that's even done I find myself doodling more outfits for Loovee. I just wish I had the focus and time to do everything that whizzes through my head.

Here's some of the projects I've actually finished:

I had such fun making Loovee's sundae beret that just for kicks I whipped up several more in a variety of "flavors" with yarn I had on hand -- mocha, crème de menthe, strawberry and French vanilla. However, this time I embroidered nuts on the hot fudge instead of sprinkles, which I thought gave it a more proper sundae feel to them. I really do not know what I shall do with the rest of these, so I think they'll find their way to my Esty shop.

This week I managed to make Loovee this new summery (as it's always summer in Hawaii) outfit. I crocheted her tank top out of some cotton thread. The denim wrap skirt was so very quick and easy to make. The cherry detail is a tiny iron on patch I purchased on my trip to Japan. I was so excited to finally have reason to use it!

Lately, I have been musing over creating a little house for Loovee. She does not have one as of yet, but I'm hoping she will in the near future. Being the DIY-er that I am and having adopted the Trash to Treasure philosophy, I want to whip up things for Loovee whenever possible -- from clothing to wee home furnishings. However, I did purchase a Re-ment Lamp & Chest set all the way from Gina Garan. That bunny silhouette on the lamp just won me over.

Anyway, in this first episode of Marginally Extreme Homeless Makeover, here's a before shot of some odds and ends along with the Re-ment chest.

And here's the after shot with Loovee doing her best Vanna White impression. I used that leftover ball of fluffy yarn to crochet a simple shag carpet. I re-purposed the round jewelry box into a Blythe sized storage hat box, which holds some of Loovee's crafting supplies. The Re-ment chest adds the final touch to this little vignette.

Here's a close up of all the bits and bobs inside Loovee's little craft box -- yarn skeins made of wound embroidery thread, folded fabric scraps, button cards, and a pair of mini scissors. Now she can be a proper craft spaz lik me!

Whew! So now that I've gotten you all caught up with what's been going on around here . . . back into the crafting mines I go!


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Pihcol said...

So many crafty ideas, so little time. Be careful not to work yourself sick. With such a high demand for craft work from yourself as well as the public, it seems that you'd hardly have time for yourself to recoup. I love the craft box for Loovee. It's ingenious. You are a delightful inspiration.

Zari said...

It's great to see so many cute little things together! love the strawberry sunday hat and the sprinkles on the hot fudge sauce!i love mocha too!
the little craft box is amazingly cute!
Your work is really a source of inspiration ;)

As for focus...oh! I understand you very well, I have to work many hrs at the office (architecture), during all that time i get lots of ideas for my characters and illustrations, but i get home late and tired, with so little time to finish anything! :'(

Hope you find more time to work on your lovely crafts as well as for rest and relaxation! :)

Rebecca said...

Oh wow how creative you are with that tiny craft box! Now that my Gracie has a little sewing machine I think I need to take your lead and make some little notions.

mushroommeadows said...

sweet...so much to do! :) Very cute stuff, I must say! :D

Kristy said...

My daughter,Lily, would love one of those hats for her blythe Mellor.I can't find the link to your etsy though?!

Molli said...

Hi Rima,

Hee hee - my mom is a spaz too!!! Focusing on one task is nearly impossible for her. You two must have been destined to meet each other!

Your craftiness always amazes my mom and I. Mommy shows dad every single picture and jabs and points to indicate her excitement over all the things you do.

We can't wait for new plushies to join our family. It will be so great! Thank you so much for making them for us. You are such a lovely and wonderful crafty friend!

Looking forward to spring. Mom is getting her fairy godmother tiara and wand all spiffed up for the swap.


Gina2424 said...

Hi-come see my house in progress and B.I.Y. Blythe it Yourself!


I learned everything I know from Linda!

60-60 said...

This blog is so interesting! Today when I shopped in Walmart, I wanted to get a lot of doll furniture for my Blythe too, however, there are not much there to choose! I was disappointed. I have been looking on ebay as well, re-ment is great, but again, I saw a lot of ppl have it already. Anyway, I love your blog, like really a story of you and Blythe, very delightful. :)

:: moondancer :: said...

Love your crafts~! keep your blog going! :)

Feltland said...

Hi Rima,

Your berets are adorable, they're really cute and "delicious" ... :D

Glamourshoes said...

Ohhhh, your site is so cute! or I guess I mean your Blythe and her things! That little apron dress is fantastic. I just ordered two of the Rement cabinets myself, from Japan, as Gina was sold out.
I amy need one of the little bunnies-those owls are perfect!

Sam said...

What a cute hat! I bet Loovee loves it!