Thursday, January 3, 2008

Loovee Time and Some Random Crafting

Loovee has been suffering for some new clothes. The poor dear has only about 5 or 6 outfits to her name, which is a frightful shame. Her wee wardrobe has been giving her a bit of a complex after seeing this and this. However, I hope to change all that very soon by clocking in some much needed Loovee crafting time each week. This is what I've managed so far:

Quite awhile ago, I sketched this silly strawberry sundae hat for her.

And last night I finally finished crocheting it. I'm so happy with how it came out. I embroidered some pink, yellow, and white sprinkles on the hot fudge sauce, which gave it an even more yummy touch.

Thankfully, Loovee does not have to depend entirely on me or the kindness of her pal Molli to remain well clothed. Monica from Feltland custom made this beautiful dress for her in her favorite colors. Isn't it lovely? The knitting is just so unbelievably dainty and neat.

In random craftiness news, every year after Christmas I am left with a bunch of very sturdy and functional, yet hideous gift boxes. I love to use them to store my bits and bobs, but I cannot bear to look at them. This year I decided to do something about it.

Some glue and some pretty paper later and . . . voilĂ !

No more motley collection of boxes that assault your eyes! I actually went a bit crazy with this and discovered some ugly boxes from Christmas past to wrap. A crafter is always in need of more storage, right?

Oh, yes -- Happy 2008 to you all!


Feltland said...

OMG, Loovee is so beautiful and I'm so glad you liked the dress - she looks so sweet on it.


Pihcol said...

Bravo. Truly stunning. That is an amazing feat to conceptualize and create such an exquisite piece. I think it's absolutely amazing. The pink in her hat seems to radiate her blue hair. It's a beautiful match. I am in awe of your talent. You seem to have a good grasp of all mediums.

{Insert slow clap}

mushroommeadows said...

I love the new hat!!! So adorable.

Oh, and the boxes are fab!

60-60 said...

beautiful hat, very well design, lovely!!

Linda said...

Hi Rima and Loovee!

What a cute drawing and even cuter actual masterpiece hat! That is amazing!!!

I am still stunned to this day by the adorable outfit you made for Molli. :)

I will definitely be buying a wise owl and a fuzzy white bunny at the end of January. We'll definitely talk fabric colors soon!

You are so talented in so many ways. I love everything you make. You have the Midas touch!

Linda, Molli, and Zelda

alexander said...

Lovely handy crafting.
Oh mine. I am speechless.
Happy New Year!

Alex's World! -

Colleen (Silly Panda) said...

That hat is sooo cute! I've been wanting to make clothing for my Coco, but I'm not sure what type of body she is. :( I guess I will just have to experiment some time!

the enchanted pumpkin said...

i love the hat too! the boxes look really nice too! happy new year!

Anonymous said...

the hat is great. i just made cupcake hats, so maybe i post them later :)

Linda said...

Hi Rima, Loovee, and Gachapin!

Awww - little Loovee is so funny! Thanks for the comments on my blog.

Would you like to do another swap? Molli's new purple babydoll dress was easy to make. I would love to be Loovee's fairy godmother! :)

Linda, Molli, and Zelda

Linda said...

Hi Rima, Loovee, and Gachapin!

A March swap would be great! We enjoy making things for you all! :)

Linda, Molli, and Zelda

laurel said...

Loovee is so cute and I absolutely love the hat you made her. Great idea for the boxes too!

kat said...

those boxes look so cool now, just like they were bought in ashop we have here called paperchase! happy storing filling them all up,love kat

moline said...

the berets are so great! And thanks for visiting my blog!

Sam said...

That hat is brilliant! Looks good enough to eat, and such an original idea as well! Congrats to you!

xGaussianBlurx said...

aaaaaaaaah! that sundae hat looks yummy !! youre so talented at sewing