Thursday, November 15, 2007

Multiplying Like Bunnies

I've been in an amigurumi bunny zone lately. After making the snow bunny for Softies Central I cannot seem to stop. Now that I've finally got the hang of it, I just find crocheting so soothing. Much different from sewing, which for me requires a lot of concentration. As for the bunny obsession . . . well, I have four pet rabbits running about my house so they serve as my muses.

For these three little girls I used a loosely woven alpaca blend yarn. It's hard to see in the photo, but they have this fuzzy halo, which sort of reminds me of sparse mohair fur teddies.

The best part about making them was finally having a reason to use supplies that I was saving for something special. I recently got some 60/40 wool & rayon blend felt which I ordered online. It's great stuff! I will never go back to acrylic craft felt again. I found 100% wool felt to be too thick and stiff, but 60/40 has a nice drape and is easy to sew. It also still has that soft, smooth feel you only get from wool felt. I loved using them for the flower embellishments on their ears.

For the ear insets and reversible smocks I got to bust out all the fabrics I purchased on my summer trip to Japan. I didn't intend to make the smocks reversible, but I had such a difficult time choosing just one fabric so this was a nice compromise. Also, the fact that you can switcheroo their clothes makes them a bit more playable and not just displayable.

I think I will try my hand at making other amigurumi creatures next time -- bears, koalas, kitties, etc. Once this bunny phase dies down that is.


the enchanted pumpkin said...

those are so adorable! i love them! loving my little koala. he is so adorable!

Linda said...

Oh my gosh!!! The bunnies are SO cute!!! They look so soft and lovely and cuddly and just plain adorable!

alicia said...

OMG...woudl love a pattern for these...ADORABLE!

Puppy Doe said...

Awww those are so cute! You definatly have a talent for making the cutes things! =)