Tuesday, November 6, 2007

This Week in Cute: Wawaya Softies

Adorable, yes? When I discovered Etsy about two years ago, a wee stuffed bunny immediately caught my eye. It was so sweet and strange looking. At first I wasn't even sure if it was a bunny (I'm still not sure, really) because it looked so alien, but then those rabbity ears . . . . Anyway, I couldn't resist. I had to have it . . . and then another.

These softies were made by a very talented artist in Japan. You must take a peek at her work. Even though her site is in Chinese the photos tell all. Her softies are truly original, and if ever you're lucky enough to own one, you'll see that they don't disappoint up close, either. The detail work on the little guys I purchased are amazing. They are completely hand sewn, button jointed, and can stand unaided. Oh, and their facial expressions -- so precious! Not to mention that they each came tucked inside a drawstring bag that had my name hand embroidered on it.

Just looking at my Wawayas always makes me smile.


Unknown said...

those are too cute!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rima!

Waaaaa (Chinese for "wow") those are so cute! The ears are so sweet!

Yep, Molli and Zelda do have a small dollhouse apartment right now. I am looking for something bigger, but I have to convince their dad first. Ha ha.

I can't wait for Loovee and Molli to do their Christmas exchange! :)

Molli is already begging me to help her write a letter to Loovee. I think that will be a project for this weekend. ;)

Linda, Molli, and Zelda